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Beautiful Garden Sheds in Tonbridge

Made from durable and beautiful new Scandinavian wood, our garden sheds are built to last and will provide all our Tonbridge homeowners and commercial clients with a new wood building to be proud of for up to six decades!

From basic storage options that provide an attractive and effective storage area or workshop to premium garden sheds, we have something for absolutely every Tonbridge business owner or homeowner. 

All our garden sheds add real elegance and style to a Tonbridge outdoor space or garden and they all come in a beautiful and natural wood finish. Alongside that, all of our high quality garden sheds are impregnated with specialist tanalised treatment, which preserves the wood for up to 60 years and protects your building from the elements. 

The benefits of buying a garden shed from us include:

  • Stylish and contemporary designs
  • Excellent storage providers
  • Durable construction
  • Treated to survive the elements

All of our beautiful and stylish garden sheds also come with a wide range of roof styles and everything is fully flexible and adaptable to suit your requirements. You will also be able to choose between apex and pent roof styles and choose the size and shape of the shed that best suits your Tonbridge garden or outdoor space. 

Although some Tonbridge gardeners just use their sheds as a way of storing pieces of equipment and any other necessary tools, others see their shed as a relaxing and different way of enjoying their back garden. With our wide variety of different shed styles and sizes, it will be possible to retreat to your garden shed on those hot and long summer days and still reap the benefits of your beautiful garden.   

All our beautiful and well-built garden sheds feature solid sheet materials for the floor and roof, making sure that they are all durable and functional while maintaining the aesthetically pleasing look to truly complement your Tonbridge garden.

Although our garden shed prices are very competitive and reasonable, you can rest assured that the price does not reflect the quality! All of our stunning and well-built garden sheds are made in our factory and our highly skilled and experienced staff ensure that you only ever receive the very best. 

Based in Maidstone, we offer the design, supply and installation of bespoke garden sheds to commercial and domestic customers across Kent, London and the South East, including Tonbridge.  

If you would like any more information about our range of high quality sheds, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and experienced team. They are always on hand to advise you and answer any questions you may have about how we can help you and your property.

Sheds Apex and Pent Price list

DimensionsShiplap Tanalised
5' x 4'£486
5' x 5'£532
6' x 4'£530
6' x 5'£594
6' x 6'£642
7' x 4'£598
7' x 5'£640
7' x 6'£688
8' x 5'£688
8' x 6'£753
10' x 6'£850
10' x 8'£1001
10' x 10'£1133
12' x 6'£1001
12' x 8'£1111
12' x 10'£1267
14' x 8'£1312
14' x 10'£1489
16' x 8'£1423
16' x 10'£1622
18' x 8'£1556
18' x 10'£1778
20' x 8'£1690
20' x 10'£1911

Price includes VAT, delivery (Kent area) and erection.