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Workshops and Site huts

Both domestic and commercial customers can take advantage of our exquisite and well manufactured garden workshops and site huts.

Made from Scandinavian wood, our beautiful workshops and site huts complement your garden and provide you with a great place to pursue a variety of interests.

As well as providing additional storage space, our workshops are a perfect solution for those seeking a purpose built workspace at home. Expertly finished with our tanalising treatment, our workshops are protected from the elements while retaining an aesthetically pleasing look.


Do you own commercial land and need a site hut?

If yes, then look no further than Sheds and Shelters. Our site huts and garden workshops can provide a beautiful and efficient answer to the problem and will protect your employees from the elements.

Providing a warm and comfortable place to shelter from the cold and rain, or a professional security base, our site huts are expertly constructed and are fully adaptable to meet any requirements you may have.

All of our garden buildings are bespoke and our site huts are no different. Whatever your needs, we will have the solution and thanks to our tanalising treatment, they are protected for up to 60 years.

Based in Maidstone, we offer the design, supply and installation of workshops and site huts to domestic and commercial customers across Kent and the South East of England. We have recently worked with customers in and around Rochester, Tunbridge Wells, Bromley, Canterbury, Sevenoaks, Ashford, Chatham, Dartford, Faversham, Folkestone and Tonbridge.

If you would like any more information about our garden workshops or site huts, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and experienced team.

Workshop / Site Hut Pricelist

Height 6’6” plus.

Door fitted with pad-bolt.

Windows 24” x 18” fixed panes plus one opening.

Enough windows included to have a strip of windows across one long side.

8' x 8'£1255
10' x 8'£1448
10' x 10'£1641
12' x 8'£1621
12' x 10'£1685
12' x 12'£2085
14' x 12'£2297
16' x 8'£1989
16' x 10'£2259
16' x 12'£2531
18' x 8'£2164
18' x 10'£2471
18' x 12'£2763
20' x 8'£2357
20' x 10'£2685
20' x 11'£2839
20' x 12'£2993
22' x 8'£2531
22' x 10'£2878
22' x 11'£3051
22' x 12'£3226
24' x 8'£2724
24' x 9'£2899
24' x 10'£3093
24' x 11'£3265
24' x 12'£3439
26' x 8'£2899
26' x 9'£3093
26' x 10'£3284
26' x 11'£3478
26' x 12'£3671
27' x 8'£2994
27' x 10'£3399
27' x 11'£3594
27' x 12'£3788
28' x 8'£3788
28' x 9'£3284
28' x 10'£3498
28' x 12'£3671
29' x 9'£3381
29' x 10'£3594
29' x 11'£3806
30' x 8'£3498
30' x 9'£3478
30' x 12'£3965
SizesS & S Workshops can be made any size. We shall be pleased to quote for sizes not listed.
Double DoorsPlease add £77 to all prices if you require double doors.

Price includes VAT, delivery (Kent area) and erection.