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High Quality Bespoke Potting Sheds in Sevenoaks

Based in Hollingbourne, Kent. We are conveniently placed to craft stunning potting sheds for a variety of homeowners in Sevenoaks. 

Manufactured and constructed from the highest quality Scandinavian timber, our specialist potting sheds are ideal for keen gardeners, providing them with an abundance of storage space which is durable and resistant from the elements.  

Those with planting expertise or a passion for gardening will also enjoy our potting sheds as the additional space provides them the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and fruit in the cosy surroundings of the potting shed itself.

Our Sevenoaks customers have also found that potting sheds are a very entertaining and effective method of introducing children to gardening. In a confined and safe environment, amateur gardeners and children can learn the basics and watch their seeds grow into delicious and sumptuous home-grown fruit and vegetables. 

Here at Sheds and Shelters, all our potting sheds are modern and contemporary and feature natural and traditional wood that provides an aesthetically pleasing finish. Unlike our range of sheds, our potting sheds feature windows that allow sunlight in to help vegetables and fruit grow; providing a highly effective solution for Sevenoaks homeowners.

Not only are our potting sheds functional and durable, they are also designed to add a stylish feel and look to your garden and can provide you with a great place to relax and unwind after a busy days gardening. 

Advantages of our having our Sevenoaks potting sheds 

  • Excellent storage facility
  • Optimal space savers
  • Great learning tool for gardening beginners and children
  • Protected against the elements
  • Unique and stylish designs

Like all of our garden buildings and sheds, our potting sheds are finished with a high quality tanalising treatment that protects it from the elements. As well as preserving the wood, the treatment also ensures that the building is protected for up to 60 years; meaning you get many years of pleasure out of it. 

Based in Maidstone, we design, supply and install potting sheds for Sevenoaks domestic and commercial customers; as well as those across the South East of England. 

If you would like any more information about any of our potting sheds, that we build and install in Sevenoaks. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced and friendly team. They have all the necessary expertise and knowledge to advise you on the most suitable shed for your property.

Potting Shed Pricelist

DimensionsSolar PricePent Roof Model Price
6' x 4'£644 
7' x 4' £753
7' x 5'£748£794
7' x 6'£791 
8' x 5'£791£836
8' x 6'£831£878
10' x 6'£935£981
10' x 8'£1044£1091
10' x 10'£1170£1214

Price includes VAT, delivery (Kent area) and erection.

Pent Potting Sheds

7' x 4'£753
7' x 5'£794
8' x 5'£836
8' x 6'£878
10' x 6'£981
10' x 8'£1,091
10' x 10'£1,214

Price includes VAT, delivery and erection.

Solar Potting Shed

6' x 4'£644
7' x 5'£748
7' x 6'£791
8' x 5'£791
8' x 6'£831
10' x 6'£935
10' x 8'£1.044
10' x 10'£1,170

Price includes VAT, delivery and erection.