Advice on Bases

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Advice on Bases

A shed base should be completely level and firm enough to take the weight of the shed (and its contents) without subsiding.  Concrete, tarmac, paving slabs, concrete blocks and treated timber sleepers can all form suitable shed bases.  We strongly recommend that the base be constructed slightly smaller than the nominal size of the shed so that the shed itself will protect the base from the weather.  A shed, which is never standing on a wet surface, will last many years longer than one that is frequently in a puddle.

If unsure on any aspect of your base please ask our sales team who will be only too willing to help.


Shed Bases

Levelling Frames

All timber buildings require a firm level base if they are to prove satisfactory in use.  Failure to provide such a base will lead to the building distorting out of shape so that doors and windows will not fit properly and may leak.

When the proposed site for a shed is an existing (fairly) level surface we can supply and install a base frame.  These frames are only suitable for smaller sheds and are made of vacuum pressure treated timber and will be levelled using a minimum amount of digging and packing.

Once the frame has been installed the shed can be erected on it.

All Sheds and Shelters buildings are erected to a high standard.  We have been making garden buildings for over 20 years and have built up, a good reputation for being a reputable company.  However, we would like to point out that timber is a natural product and is therefore susceptible to warping splitting and shrinking during changing temperature and weather conditions.

Bespoke Service

Arranged around basic design templates you can choose exactly where you would like your doors and windows placed, and you can order each product to any size specification you wish.

Our Prices

Include ; treatment, erection, floor, glass, and felt, all you need to provide is a firm and flat base for us to erect the building on.

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