Field Shelters and Stables

Protect your horses, cattle and other animals from harsh winds and rain

Field Shelters and Stables

We have all driven past animals in fields and felt sorry for them because they had nowhere to go to get away from the driving rain or harsh winds. Thanks to Sheds and Shelters, however, they can do just that with our field shelters and stables.

Made from the finest Scandinavian wood, our field shelters and stables are designed to provide your horses and farm animals with shelter from wind, rain, snow and sleet. As farmers know, a happy and contented animal needs warmth and dryness while they are out in the field.

Horse ShelterHorse Stable

Horse StableHorse Stable

Regardless of how many animals you have we can provide bespoke solutions and all of our buildings are custom built, meaning that you get exactly what YOU want. No job is too big or too small and we are confident that once you have bought from us, you will never need to look anywhere else ever again.

Available in a range of different styles, sizes and shapes, our field shelters are suitable for sheep, cows and horses and whatever your requirements, we will have the answer.

As we custom build all of our buildings, we can ensure that they blend in to the surroundings and do not detract from the rest of the landscape. Our expert team have over 30 years between them so they have the necessary skills and knowledge to do this.

Like all of our garden and exterior buildings, our field shelters are tanalised. This not only ensures that the wood is protected from the elements for up to 60 years.

To recap, our field shelters provide:

  • A warm and dry environment for your horses, cattle and livestock
  • A beautiful wooden appearance that blends in with the landscape
  • A long-lasting solution for up to 60 years

If you would like any more information about our field shelters and how they can help you, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced and friendly team.

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