Aviaries & Chicken Coups

Bird houses and chicken coops in all shapes and sizes

Aviaries & Chicken Coups

High quality workmanship, competitive prices and bespoke designs are just some of the reasons why customers come back to us time and again to purchase our aviaries.

As large or as small as you want them, our aviaries come in a variety of different shapes and styles and all are designed to provide your feathered friends with an exquisite new home that allows them to move around freely.

Chicken HouseChicken House

Regardless of the size of your garden, we can design and build a brand new aviary that fits into your space perfectly and whatever your requirements, we are confident that we will have the solution.

Like all of our garden buildings, your aviary would be custom built so that you get exactly what you want and we always aim to match the style and colour of the wood with any existing buildings you already have. This ensures that the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing nature of the garden remains the same throughout.

To protect the aviaries from the elements, we tanalise the wood. This treatment protects the wood from the elements and can last for up to 60 years.

Buying an aviary from Sheds and Shelters gets you:

  • A high quality aviary
  • A great conversation starter and focal point in the garden
  • A beautiful new home for your feathered friends
  • A well preserved wooden product that lasts up to 60 years

As well as our exceptional aviaries, we also provide our customers with the extra option of a chicken coop. Suitable for farmers and residential customers looking to be self sustainable, our chicken coops are well built and protected for up to 60 years with our tanalising treatment. We create the coops from your specifications so they will be well sized and more than suitable to hold as many chickens as you require.

If you would like any more information about our exceptionally high quality range of aviaries, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced and friendly team.

Come and see our range of aviaries for yourselves.

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